Top Reasons Why Old Pipes Need To Be Inspected to Avoid Repair Disasters

Old houses are beautiful but can also be a money pit if they are not looked after properly. People who want a plumbing system that works properly should always be looked at when they move into an old house because the old system may cause some problems. This post will share why old pipes can cause plumbing problems.


The Plumbing Materials Are Old and Outdated


If the house was built before the 90s, then there is a large possibility that the systems have been made with products that are no longer up to the U.S. building code. Some of them may have been replaced, but every owner should get them looked at the see if they need to change them or not.




Lead is one of the oldest materials used for all piping needs. The reason why it was used is that it’s durable and malleable. However, it is highly toxic, which is not a good thing to have in houses. Studies show people have gained gastrointestinal and joint pain since the water they were using was being kept in lead pipes.




Another common pipe found in old homes is galvanized pipes. These pipes are made of iron and zinc, and they can cause some problems. Over time, the zinc will begin to erode, leaving the lines susceptible to breaking or corroding. Also, even though people say these pipes will last for decades, they can still rust long before.

Lastly, galvanized pipes can become very brittle over time because of corrosion. Having a master plumber remove and replace them is better as soon as someone notices they are there.



In the 80s, polybutylene pipes were used to replace copper ones, but they ended up being defective, and a class-action lawsuit was forced against the manufacturer. During some tests, it was found that the oxidants in public water would cause a chemical reaction leading to plastic breaking and flaking off. These pipes are typically found in mobile homes.


Pipe Bellies


Pipes that have been placed in the ground will be affected by the house since it is continuously moving. If the lines move downward, this may cause a ‘belly.’ When a ‘belly’ exists, the water may become restricted, and pools of waste will begin to accumulate. This can cause stoppages and leaks over time.


Failing Sewer Lines


Sewer lines can be a mess to clean up if they break, but the problem is that older homes do not have the technology as the newer ones. This means that they are more susceptible to break or fail over time. Also, they can be damaged by tree roots. People who are remodeling should always look at the sewer lines because they may need to change them.




When it comes to old homes, people will always enjoy the unique architecture inside, but the plumbing system should be looked at. There are many reasons why an old house’s plumbing system will need to be fixed, which is why people should get them looked at if they move into an older home.

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