Roots Can Wreak Havoc on Your Drain Lines

Is it Possible to Keep Roots Out of Your Sewer Pipes Without Killing Trees?


Sometimes, pipes will get blocked up because of something entirely out of the homeowner’s control. Trees are notorious for getting into drains and pipes because the roots always expand. They are beautiful on any property but can also be a pain. Luckily, this post will explain how people can keep the roots out of their pipes without killing the trees.


How Do People Know They Have Roots in Their Pipes?


Professional plumbers can inspect your plumbers with cameras to identify roots and other blockages. There are a few signs that people should be made aware of if they’re worried about roots in their sewer pipes.


  1. If the drains are gurgling or draining slowly, it might be because of some roots. There is a clog somewhere in the system, and it will need to be fixed for it to work correctly again.
  2. Sometimes, there will be a rotting smell coming from the drains, which is a pretty big indication that a blockage is happening and that it can be rooted.
  3. Roots will ruin the sewer lines so that the extra water will seep into the property. If sinkholes because to the surface, this is a tell-tale sign that there are pipes causing mischief.
  4. When a tree has access to so much water, it will begin to pull water from it. This also means that this area will appear greener than the other parts of the property.


Natural Home Remedies


There are two ways that people can use natural home remedies to help with getting rid of any roots in their pipes.


Copper Sulfate


In most home improvement stores, copper sulfate is perfect for people who need to kill off small roots. When people flush half a cup of these crystals down a toilet, it can help. That’s because it is made up of natural herbicide, which can kill the roots. However, people with septic tanks shouldn’t use them because it is not good for those systems.


Rock Salt


Rock salt is similar to copper sulfate, but it is safe to use with septic systems. When using this salt, people should not overdo it because a little bit will kill the roots off, but too much can poison the entire tree.


Tree Roots That Won’t Go Away


Some roots are pretty persistent and won’t leave pipes alone. Root invasions are real, and there is no DIY solution that will help stop them from coming into the lines. That is when the professionals will need to be called to help out.


They will first use a camera that will go into the sewer pipes to see what is happening. Once they have figured out where the roots are coming from and how bad it is, they can think of a plan to help remedy the situation.




No one wants to help roots in their pipes, but no one wants to kill the trees that are doing it. There are ways for people to kill the roots in their sewer lines without killing the tree, but it will depend on how strong the roots are and how far they have managed to reach. If the at-home remedies do not work, then the professionals should be called to help prevent anything further from happening.

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